The province to build four heavily used car market

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Used car for the establishment of modern circulation system, providing open and transparent market environment, and promote circulation of used cars, December 14, the reporter learned from the Department of Commerce, the province will establish the four companies for the 2010 second-hand car market upgrading demonstration projects pilot, the central government to give financial support Yijiangdaibu way to support the standard in principle, each item 100 million, not more than 50% of total investment. Pilot enterprises need to have comply with the urban commercial network planning, opened more than 3 years; business area of 10,000 square meters, with not less than 300 square meters of second-hand car trading floor, second-hand car business entities can provide fixed sites and facilities with the vehicle inspection certificates and vouchers and for the statutory appraisal and evaluation, transfer of registration, insurance, tax payment procedures and services and other conditions. Upgrading of key information for the establishment of second-hand car trading management system, the establishment of second-hand car trading service information management system, the establishment of second-hand car market information management system, rebuilding second-hand car trading floor, improve relevant facilities, with transaction processing services, information search, appraisal and evaluation , transfer of registration, insurance, tax and other services. Ministry of Commerce will be unified free market for the used car pilot demonstration project to provide upgrading required for the project transactions, services, market information management system software.

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