Jiajiao entry-level comparison shopping guide recommends the listing Xiali N5

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Of the price was excellent, entry-level comparison 家轿 Jiajiao 5 million less often as consumers and the emergence of the first car is a true entry-level models, Volkswagen is also the main market models. How to choose a model for their own entry, do not know much for the car, lack of driving experience, "newbie", it is painful. Xiao Bian recent price of 5 yuan main models Cowin 1, Xiali N5, free ship were compared to see who is more affordable internally and externally, to help prospective owners in their car for reference. First, the appearance of the size comparison Can see that in the outer dimensions of the three vehicles almost the same length and width dimensions, and Cowin 1 is much higher. 1.88 meters Xiaobian such a big man sitting inside Cowin 1, the head from the roof, there are still a fist of space, all very spacious front and rear space. However, this depends on the key practical compact car trunk space. Cowin 1, the trunk volume up to 500L, the 450L Bixia Li N5 big a lot, compared to the 300L vessel value of freedom is more shocking. A0-class sedan Kiun 1 is the only small car and a sedan with a hatchback trunk of the car, space flexibility, the rear seats recline after the volume can be extended to 1000 liters. Most of which I was impressed Cowin a storage space of human design, from the cup holder, removable ash tray to the door beverage rack, highway toll card, dedicated storage space, and so sympathetic to the driver's storage space, The concept car large space can be said to be done with no way out Kiun 1. The ship these for free, Charade N5 is almost no advantage at all, practice makes aspirations to self-evident. Second, the dynamic contrast It is understood Xiao Bian, Charade N5 5A engine used in Toyota, and Xiali N3 Toyota 8A engine used on the same at a Toyota 8A engine technology behind the high fuel consumption. MR479Q are equipped with free ship engines, it is also a replica of the Toyota 8A engine, the quality Johnson, one chip, combined consumption per hundred kilometers actually up to 7.4L! Cowin 1, equipped with a high performance 1.0L Chery new ACTECO 1.0L engine, engine performance up to international advanced level. This engine is not only good dynamic performance, and integrated fuel consumption of just 5.6L, fuel economy standards far below the third stage 6.1L (980 It is reported that, at the recent National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry announced the "energy-saving products that benefit the project" to promote energy efficient cars second directory, Cowin 1 to its advanced fuel-saving technology, excellent energy saving performance of the smooth selected, to enjoy the 3,000 energy subsidies. And free ships and Xiali N5 are failing to meet national fuel economy standards and unsuccessful. In today's increasing emphasis on low-carbon energy, free ship, and the future of Xiali N5 Xiaobian upon himself to really sweat. Third, the model configuration and price comparison In the configuration, Cowin a complete victory, not only the same level of used car special trip computer, can display instantaneous fuel consumption, mileage accumulation, the clock and other information, in particular maintenance tips, ready to remind owners to maintain their car, science of human design can be seen. The Geely Freedom Ship and Xiali N5 seems lacking in this regard are many user-friendly design to be improved. In addition, Cowin a unique dark interior, a strong sense of fashion technology. In addition, Cowin 1 has electric exterior mirrors, ABS + EBD, trip computer, four electric windows, MP3 interface, and many other safety and comfort equipment; high-end models are more dual airbags, electronic anti-theft engine, single-disc CD, etc. readily available. Charade more free ship configuration and has a significant advantage. In contrast, the configuration of N5 Xiali is too simple, basic power steering, ABS + EBD are not, more and more attention in the consumer safety of vehicles today, such a defect can not be said to be a Xiali N5 great weakness. Prices, the highest Xiali 44900, Cowin 1, and freedom is almost the same ship. But the combination of the above configuration one can see who is the king of cost-effective, the answer obviously is to have many safe and practical configuration Cowin 1. Summary: On the whole, Cowin Cowin brand 1 as the flagship of a new wide-body Yue practical sedan car, the obvious advantages, it is the only one among the three energy conservation projects that benefit the selected models, performance is indeed impressive, it is recommended. Free ship can only be considered quite satisfactory performance, high cost performance with their own part can attract consumers. N5 would contrast favorably with many Xiali, configuration, low, high prices, cost is not high. However, none of the latter two countries, energy subsidies for selected models, indeed, these two cars to Xiaobian for the previously advertised "fuel" produced a great deal of suspicion.

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