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By the new car market and the "flood cars" and other negative factors, the first three quarters of this year (1 September) in Guangdong Province slowdown in used car transactions, trading volume declined year on year growth rate of nearly 9%. Recently, a reporter from Guangdong Automobile Dealers Association, the data obtained show that the province based on 74 second-hand car distribution companies reported aggregate statistical data, and key areas of the province with the number of used car transfer: three quarters of 2010 (1 September) Guangdong used car trading volume 511,200, an increase of 14.33%, higher than the first three quarters of 2009 fell Jin Yicheng. Second-hand car market in Guangzhou was 95,800 volumes, an increase of only 4.87%, well below the new car market growth rate. Used car out of the "flood vehicle" shadow Data show that the first three quarters of this year, the province of Guangdong Province volume of passenger cars used 29.41 million, an increase of 11.73%, the transaction amount of 13.727 billion yuan, an increase of 7.48%; used commercial vehicles (including buses and trucks) The trading volume was 157,600, an increase of 16.13%, the transaction amounted to 3.379 billion yuan, an increase of -0.78%; three cars, low-speed trucks used car for the 2321 trading volume, up to -47.9%; trailer The trading volume was 2,141, up to -8.85%; other second-hand car trading volume of 2321, up to -47.9%. Secretary-General of Guangdong Province, Yan Fei Automobile Dealers Association analysis: Although an opinion, used cars this year growth has slowed down. But only from the third quarter of this year (7,8,9 month for three months) the situation, Guangdong Province, trading second-hand car, compared with the first half, showing a steady positive trend. "From the beginning of this year in June it is clear that second-hand car market in Guangdong Province, particularly in the Guangzhou market has gradually out of the first half due to 'flood cars' events such as the impact of unfavorable factors, trading volume continued to rise." Available data from the reporter showed that in July second-hand car trading volume of Guangdong Province reached 59,700, growth of 8.24%; August the province's second-hand car trading volume increased by 2.2% qoq, are slightly down; to a 9 month season, the province's trade volume reached 71,200, increased to 16.65% of the chain, becoming the first three quarters this year, the highest monthly trading volume in January. Guangzhou, the first three quarters volume: 95,800 From the geographical point of view, to 133,400 in Shenzhen trading volume, ranking first in the province, up to 23.12%; second-hand passenger cars across the province is the highest trading volume, was 8.52 million. Second place is the Guangzhou area, used car trading volume of 95,800, an increase much lower than in Shenzhen, just 4.87%, second-hand passenger cars in Guangzhou trading volume of 81,300. Second-hand car market in Guangzhou this year, more than Adds a dark horse - Guangtong used cars, in addition, several established trading markets, such as Polly Jie, second-hand car market in South Africa have carried out renovation and rectification, making second-hand car trading in Guangzhou the market entirely new look. In the "flood cars" and other negative factors of the buffer, the transaction volume since the July start, and gradually began to rise. Data show that the competition among the few in the back, Zhongshan sudden emergence of second-hand car trading volume, the most rapid growth, more than Foshan and Dongguan, the province ranked third in trading volume is 63,600, up to 91.13%. Foshan and Dongguan in fourth and fifth, Foshan, second-hand car trading volume of 58,500, an increase of 37.88%; second-hand passenger volume of 2.82 million. Dongguan, used car trading volume of 4.65 million units, a negative growth year on year, to -6.43%. Ⅳ standard part of the country used car market September 2010 onwards, including the Pearl River Delta region including Guangzhou, started the fourth phase of the national motor vehicle air pollutant emission standards (Ⅳ standard for short). On the current trading situation, the real impact by the implementation of the country Ⅳ standard, mainly concentrated in the second-hand passenger cars, commercial vehicles, especially trucks, mostly diesel, are not within the scope of influence. Yan Fei analysis, Ⅳ standard in Guangzhou before the implementation of the country, used car broker in Guangzhou has started the acquisition of the country tend to III and IV emission standards state vehicles. In policy implementation, the State III the following criteria used vehicles price low, resulting in most of the flow field is not standard used cars imported used cars increased the volume of transactions. Re-test a low price: The average 46,700 yuan According to statistics, the first three quarters of this year, the average price of used cars in Guangdong Province is 3.48 million, down 8.9% year on year; and the average price of passenger cars used 4.67 million, also down 3.85% year on year. Reporter visited the city recently discovered second-hand car market, the market leading car dealers, "car-infested," the majority of car dealers filled with vehicles, and even the aisle have been interim "expropriation", excessive stock market led to second-hand car " closed car is easy, selling cars is difficult "situation. Chun Guang City used car dealers used car owner Yang analysis: used car prices have been declining this year, mainly due to new car prices all the way down, "flood cars" reduced consumer confidence and impact of various policies such as emissions standards, resulting in excessive inventory due to the secondary market. He believes that the future prices of used vehicles has been a trend continuing to fall. In this regard, Yan Fei also said: used cars this year, caused by the main light is more complex transactions, have not only new car prices, used car into the reasons for the traditional off-season, but the used car price adjustment phase supply and demand imbalance caused. If the price in a short time the two sides agreed to form a second-hand car trading conditions continued improvement. But the new car market this year is rather special, new car excess capacity, prices continued to decline in the short term, trading volume is difficult to substantially increase.

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