Automobile market in Kunming in October to buy a new car is much less see the ri

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October has been the automobile market into the season, but this year the volume of new car market has become flat, are showing "more people to see fewer people buy" the stock market. However, trading in used cars is rising, ushered in a new round of small peak.
In the past National Day holiday, Kunming store full of people a lot of car sales, car dealers also took the opportunity to introduce the "double" promotion, despite the many favorable factors, but the volume was flat, the automobile market are showing "more people look to buy fewer people, "the market, well below expectations. However, second-hand car market experienced a downturn a few months later, in "October" ushered in a small peak before and after.

"I thought the prices would fall into the valley throughout the year, I was waiting for the prices of cars down to the bottom line was run, the result is a lot of packs, but the car refused to direct price." A look at the Motor City Xiaotun Chow car a bit helpless. This year's Golden Week, though the car dealers are for the consumer launch discount of lucky draw, send gift packs and other dazzling promotions. But the prices have become relatively stable, except in some special vehicle inventory, the actual transaction did not show the overall auto market has dropped significantly. Most dealers offer many launch also includes 3,000 yuan national energy subsidies, really belongs to none other dealer only a few thousand dollars, significantly less than the first two months at every turn "straight down dollars" in profit sharing.

"Intensity of the first few months none other manufacturers are not small, so little further down the room now." Mr. Lee said a dealer Expo automobile market, "companies taking into account sales, we must also ensure that profits, not the end of the final stage not blindly price impulse. " Traditionally, September is the automobile market transactions to the end of the peak, the market demand. Day trading for several days but the situation, these needs have not been completely "explode", said some potential customers to "wait for a moment." Many consumers hope at the end of impulse sales, and this is automobile sales this year, relatively flat during the National Day one of the reasons.

Although the start of Golden Week is not expected hot, but most car makers that have introduced subsidies for energy-saving PWM three directories and forthcoming four directories will be the highlight of the auto market, plus the purchase tax credits at the end of last year have shrunk , and once the end of this year as the Peak of the purchase tax credit is bound to explode at the end of the automobile market.

Trading flat relative to the new car market, used car market experienced a downturn a few months later, in "October" ushered in a small peak before and after.

"Every year, friends and trips to holiday accommodation tickets these headaches, I am going to leave this year before buying a used car, if appropriate ready to buy." Cars in the used car market to see Mr. Sun said. It is understood that the intention in the near future a few consumers to buy a used car, most car for the first time, and not enough skilled driving, first purchase a used car was open, so too in 2012 and back to new car.

Used car or two Hongqiao Town Expo dealers Manager Zhang told reporters, "eleven" before and after a lot of cars are selling well, the price of 10 million -15 million from the best selling car, such as the Sagitar, golf, Jetta, Feng Fan, Corolla and other models. In addition, some SUV and selling used cars is also good business. "At present, sales of used cars into the peak period in the supply side is still very adequate. Used car in recently to pick up a lot of second-hand car dealers will not carry the price, as long as the car shot will make some money, the implementation of small profit margins and more marketing. "

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