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Recently, Chexingtianxia second-hand car market used car business within the Yin there troubles, because he spent over 50,000 yuan from the earlier purchase of a Vincent fell in 2007, "says H" licenses used cheetah vehicles, the emissions do not

Ⅲ standard of the country and was told not to move Kunming Vehicle Administration, and he thought the car back Wenshan, but the original seller does not agree. Now he can only cars on the market, hoping to meet purchase second-hand cars imported to Queensland consumers

The car sold. As with Yin, a surnamed Tao operators of second-hand car purchased from the Baoshan's four second-hand car, but also because the country Ⅲ emission standard is not reached, but not in Queensland, "settled." Kunming Jin reporter recently visited the big, cars

Line world and the avant-garde and other second-hand car market, a number of operators told reporters that foreign motor vehicle license for a new environmental access Kunming, the "threshold", which means that old high-emission vehicles will be in Kunming "off the door outside "


Kunming used cars less, the purchase price gone up

Second-hand car from Kunming "settled" green access "threshold" after the implementation of the Kunming impact of second-hand car trading has emerged. 18-19, Kunming, a few reporters to interview second-hand car market saw the market

The "cloud A" few outside of the vehicle license, and the fear of many second-hand car seller to buy the standard models do not have to give up the acquisition of used cars to the field. Many respondents considered that the vehicle settled into the set of field of environmental protection

Access "threshold", while from the source control of the vehicle failed the vehicle exhaust flow into Kunming, the protection of air quality and relieve urban congestion can play a role, but it also makes cars used cars in Kunming

Source becomes tight. "In the future have not received foreign cars, and can only bring Kunming car, but the car less, many people, we desperately bidding, the purchase price had gone up." Kam large second-hand automobile market selling second-hand car Miss Li Fen said, "Kunming

Implementation of the new regulations, everyone scrambling to buy Kunming car, makes 'cloud A' license used car purchase prices rose. "Kunming, Lao Dong Liu Wangdong old leader said Brokers Ltd., Kunming, the impact of new regulations on the industry can not be avoided

However, the current price volatility is also not very clear at this stage most of the used car business is still in the wait stage. Although reporters also learned that the current used car license, Kunming, slightly higher purchase price, but not significantly

, Used car dealers most choose to digest the extra cost of their own, therefore, not yet reflected in the used car sales prices. However, many people in the industry, said that with the further increase tension supply, used

Car sales prices across the board increases are inevitable.

Some people wish to lower the "threshold"

Many operators believe that second-hand car, imported household vehicle emission standards to achieve the country Ⅲ to the requirements of the Queensland settled a bit too "harsh." Tao last name, said the operator, China since 1 July 2008 only in the country since

Ⅲ within the States in implementing the new car emission standards, which means that a large part of the vehicle before are probably not meet this standard. Although in recent years, the frequency of fast car owners who change, some 1-2 years to change, but after all the

Share is not significant, and many owners replace their 5-year period or so, suddenly to foreign vehicle emission standards required to achieve the country Ⅲ located in Kunming, the impact of the used car industry, really great. He hoped that relevant departments

Appropriate to reduce the "threshold" to the limit of the country Ⅱ emission standard, a year or two years after the implementation of the country Ⅲ emission standard, so that the entire used car market, may also have a grace period.

Some people think that enabling the elimination of old high-emission vehicles

At present, the energy consumption become the focus of attention, and Kunming, the establishment of environmental protection to foreign access to second-hand car "threshold" also won the favor sound. "Environmental protection is also conducive to the old Amoy state high emission models, which is a good thing

. "Second-hand automobile market in the avant-garde, the operators used cars named Li said that although the move to the used car industry has had an impact, but not necessarily a bad thing, so that you can put an end to other parts of the old high-emission machines

Moving traffic Ru Kunming; Second Kunming some old high-emission vehicles sold, can not be returned. Moreover, the public Shen Guodong said: "The current vehicle fleet, Kunming has more than 110 million, and the pollution can be desired but

Known. Vehicle emission standards under the control of the field into, the environment in Kunming is definitely a good thing. "

Enough to go around, or will lead to industry reshuffle

Kunming, Chi Bin Bin, general manager of second-hand car sales and used car business in Chehangtianxia Yanshuang Fu said that their cars mainly came from Kunming, therefore, the New Deal did not have much impact on them. And the current

, Kunming, quality used cars practitioners participate times uneven, and some people rent parking spaces to start selling cars for two, Kunming to foreign entry into the vehicle set up environmental protection "threshold", the used car supply channels will become very limited, Monk

More gruel or used car industry to promote the whole Kunming new round of reshuffle, out of some of the operators. With the used car industry, more and more standardized management, used car times practitioners also need to enhance self-adapt to society and

Development of the industry, or they may be scouring the market state.

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