Who is Chinese car city " Nuojiya " ?

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To Nuojiya, we already no longer unfamiliar, dou Hu of manufacturer of other all mobile phone inspects the place that its get bellwether Dan Dan. Nuojiya is meaningless the person that the whole world that is mobile precedes, this basically puts in a root 's charge to have powerful cent to sell system, rich product combination and excellent character safeguard at its, this is Nuojiya can key of several years is in market of hero bully mobile phone. Besides the pronoun of high-sounding, in the eye of domestic consumer, nuojiya still has an advantaged advantage, it is secondly hand mobile phone protects cost rate to be in in be the same as level hand a group of planes particularly price is high, its can achieve the rate keeping a cost of 70% above.

As consumer, face the temptation of new product when us, however impoverished when, secondhand of the product " the rate that keep a cost " the first class issue that became us to consider. Of course, "The rate that keep a cost " be aimed at not merely at mobile phone market, city of home appliance product, car, room city... drag in is worn secondhand keep a cost. What deserve attention most at present is the car keeps cost rate, the car protects a value to lead is the main component that car sex price compares all the time. The car protects cost rate to basically depend on car function, price, maintenance is convenient degree and fittings price.

In Euramerican country, the concept that consumes as a result of the car already very mature, at the same time two handcart trade the amount is huge, the car protects a value to lead one of main factors that already were regarded as car of choose and buy, journals of a variety of the guidance that buy a car are a car more the rate that keep a cost regards decisive model as to recommend reason. But in home, keep cost rate or a newer idea, many consumer still regard first consideration as the element car price, and the protective action that defends a value to lead pair of future to the car lacks understanding, in the meantime, domestic manufacturer is in sales promotion, often hit blindly depreciate card, in fact these expression that are market lack maturity. Generally speaking, the car with the high rate that keep a cost has the following characteristic: Use cost network of low, after service develops, the characteristic such as spare parts petty gain and price stability. Because this is current and accepted,protect a value to lead tall model to basically be centered in " old 3 appearance " .

With character excellent the heart department car of be good at if Sangdana, nimble amounts to the evergreen tree that etc is car altar, although the appearance guards devoid individual character to be denounced by people all the time, but stable and reliable function and convenient and quick maintenance are its are using the competition ability with cost the biggest field undoubtedly, make they are in car altar gallopped more than 20 years and still occupy front row of a list of names posted up of single brand sales volume firmly. And once illicit home car discards as useless,the compulsive regulation of fixed number of year cancels, the use cost that high quality heart is a car will be pulled further low, to appeal will be being had extremely for the consumer of exquisite material benefit. In fact, in two handcart market, the impact that character leads to car damage value already protruding shows, a lot of new cars that rely on get victory of appearance, configuration, interior trim only are rapid ground however on two handcart market devalue, the value still was inferior to new car incomplete that so that often be met,appears 3 years been use 5 years " nimble mulberry " .
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