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"0 pay, 0 interest rate, drive the car come home " , american car distributors people this advertisement statement that calls the most noisily, now by " low case, high quality, you need not borrow money " grab of advertisement of two handcart travel limelight.

On the northward highway that gathers all right in car of division of new York empress, hold the position of a car to sell already Cui Yinggao of 7 years tells a reporter, the car travel that he was in September is secondhand car sale first time exceeded new car, "I never am touched had gone up such thing, everybody bought new car in the past " .

Cui Yinggao complains to the reporter, his deal with sold two new cars only last month, one is the Ni Sang that is less than 15 thousand U.S. dollors " Versa " , another also did not exceed 20 thousand U.S. dollors. Because the client does not have requirement loan, he returned many discounts. "Perhaps next month I also turn go two handcart were sold " , cui Yinggao says.

The credence that the room lends the crisis to cause is constrictive had spread to American car market. Since this year, about car of dollar of billion of a stupid person borrows money to be defaulted, the user that has 4% among them defaults reimbursement to amount to 60 day above, achieve 10 years of top levels since. The finance orgnaization of Ford of manufacturer of 3 old cars, Kelaisile and general motors stops or constrictive the lease program of the company, the approval rate that American car borrows money because this by last year 67% steep fall to 23% .

It is more and more difficult that the person that buy a car borrows money to the bank, "Sit on the wheel " the new car that American considers to have not to need loan nowadays also becomes formidable job. Although the speed of price fall reachs new car the history is new tall, but the car trades business still predicts, sales volume of completely beautiful this year new car will reduce 3 million, under the average level that goes 5 years. Of company of standard general Er forecast more pessimistic: What new car sales volume will achieve markets of 2 North America car 10 years is new low. The American that cannot leave a car must change habit, change the price to cheap two handcart in order to overshoot difficulty.

Travel boss tells on northward highway another Chinese car that ran 11 years the reporter, his most client is a Chinese, the Chinese buys a car to slant conservative, like new car, do not like loan. But economic perspective is not clear recently, the Chinese that enquires two handcart is apparent grow in quantity. He has a Chinese customer that will a few times see a car consider to buy new car, two handcart changed direction when buying sheet finally.

Even if chooses two handcart, people also is being searched cheaper sell. The name is " castle credit agency " (the orgnaization of TowerCreditUnion) is current quite welcome, they offer large area parking lot to give private sell the home, make sell the home to be able to be revealed as car, direct as potential buyer meet, cut the intermediate cost of sale link.
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