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2008, to Chinese car market, will be destined one year be rough every. Have cause of 10 million produce and sale not only, return those who have policy of a lot of focus to come on stage, of level of car environmental protection upgrade etc. All these, will make Chinese car is in of the Olympic Games year appear be different from common.

Global automobile industry accepts major impact

Because oil price rises, the United States second extremely borrow the element such as the crisis, global banking crisis to bring about company of traditional and hypostatic car to also face awkward situation.

As we have learned, magenshidanli already the predicting amplitude global car sales volume, from the beginning of the year 3.5% reduce for - 0.3% , reach 58.1 million, this will be 8 years since 2001, global car sales volume drops first. Here the circumstance falls, there has been intent to carry out even in Ford of company of production of 3 old cars, general, Kelaisile go bankrupt liquidation preparation, global automobile industry begins to enter passageway of be issued to lower levels.

And nowadays, of Chinese economy add fast had dropped apparently, and authoritative branch predicts next year still can continue to drop, the anticipation that makes people grows to income thereby also drops greatly, the person has been deferred or one part cancelled to buy a car. Here the circumstance falls, chinese automobile industry is impossible also pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others. The newest analysis that takes banquet of couplet of information of the market that use a car to meet according to the whole nation is forecasted show, if than last year the corresponding period has the amplitude of 3% above to already was quite hopeful appraise to measure,second half of the year multiplies gross of the sale that use a car this year, the amplitude by the market that use a car will be less than annual home to be become.

Point of growth of new profit of car manufacturer seek

Car sales volume is reduced, the profit in carry out decreases considerably, numerous car manufacturer begins point of growth of seek new profit. The profit circumstance that occupies before the world is ranked 10 Motor Corporation nearly 10 years is analysed, in the car market of a completely mature internationalization, 20% of the car, component supplies profit to be occupied about 20% , the profit that has 60% serves the generation in the domain in its. Show according to data of association of Chinese auto industry, chinese car production achieved eight million eight hundred and eighty-two thousand four hundred 2007, total of profit of implementation of automobile industry accumulative total is close 150 billion yuan, grow 65% compared to the same period, what profit total achieves 5 years to come is new tall. If according to 2 ∶ the profit of 6 calculates 2 ∶ , the profit total that the field served in the market after Chinese car 2007 is 90 billion yuan. Increase car component circulation market, insurance company is annual the car danger insurance cost of collection, the sale of market of automobile articles for use, the new increase production of industry of vehicle maintenance and repair is worth, carry plus two handcart market, downtime cost, content shedding, the management forehead of the domain such as car attestation, this a series of space of development of the market after the number shows Chinese car is very vast, gain is sizable, be full of infinite good luck.
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